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The Shop Equipment

At Socal Performance Racing, we use a Dynojet 224 inertial dyno to make accurate and repeatable hp measurements while we complete the dyno tune.  Dynojet is know for its repeatability, a crucial parameter while dyno tuning. We have the ability to log up to 4 analog signals and we can log MAP (manifold absolute pressure) also known as vacuum and boost.  We also have an optical rpm pickup for those finicky ignition systems and diesels to provide the most accurate measurements.

We have multiple methods of measuring the air fuel ratio (AFR) while tuning, and evaluating customer cars.  We have the Dynojet "sniffer" for measuring the AFR out of the tail pipes, but we will also install the sensor in the stock o2 sensor location, depending on the application, to get a more accurate measurement.  We also use (and sell) Plx devices widebands, and have Zeitronix and 14point7 widebands on site for comparison purposes.  In the near future we will be upgrading the the industry standard AFM1000 wideband for the most accurate AFR measurements available to this industry.

Fresh Air!

We all know that fresh air is extremely important for proper engine operation and cooling.  Our main exhaust fan is overkill to the extreme!  It is 5hp, 30", 18,000 CFM and blows out the ducting at 45mph.  It will clear all of the air in the shop multiple times per minute. We designed the ducting to act like a giant, restrictionless, muffler with a perforated inner wall and 2" of insulation between the inner and outer walls (kind of like a giant cherry bomb muffler!).  This keeps the neighbors happy and evacuates the exhaust in a hurry.  This allows us to get away without "tail pipe tubes" and deal with dumps, side exhaust, and any other variations.  We have done multiple measurements to make sure that we do not artificially alter the barometric pressure or DA (density altitude) that could bias our horsepower and torque measurements.  In this youtube from our shop seutp, you can watch the piece of duct tape hanging from the center of the garage door fly inward as the fan is turned on.





We use 2 cooling fans to keep the radiator and intercooler temperatures in check.  The main fan is a 4' diameter axial fan and then we use a smaller heavy duty "vornado" designed to move air 100' and cool warehouses.


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